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The Hatfield village is a suburb in Hatfield Pretoria, probourly best known for the University of Pretoria (TUKS) and L.C de Villiers sports grounds, the Gautrain Station, Hatfield Square and Hatfield Plaza (Pick ‘n Pay). The Jakaranda lodge and jacaranda lined streets East of Duncan Street are home to a number of backpackers lodges, Guest Houses and Group Accommodation.

Khayalethu group accommodation in the Old East has Wonderboom to the North of it and Centurion to the South. Khayalethu Sports Accommodaiton can accommodate up to 50 sports people talking part in the Pretoria competition, Scholars on a School Outing, conference delegates, Local and International University Interns or Peace Corp Voulenteers. Khayalethu Group Accommodation is only 200m from the Burnett street entrance to L.C de Villiers sports grounds and hi performance centre and 400m to the Prospect street gate or Tuks Sport gate.

The suburb of Hatfield in Pretoria is best known for the University of Pretoria and High Performance Centre – HPC at the L.C de Villiers Sports Grounds, Rautenbach Hall, Hillcrest Muncipal Swimming pool and Hatfield Gautrain Station. Khayalethu Group Accommodation is aimed at the youth travel market and can provide Sports Accommodation to visiting teams, international exchange students, Visiting University and school Groups, Choir and Church groups and The American Peace Corps.

Sports Groups accommodated in the dorm Accommodation in Hatfield are close to The Hatfield Plaza on Burnett Street in Hatfield – The Hatfield Pick ‘n Pay has extended shopping hours on week nights, there are also a number of sit down or take-away restaurants to choose from along Burnett Street like The Nandos in Hatfield, Ocean Basket – Burnetta Centre 1145 Burnett street, Hatfield, Hatfield Plaza Wimpy, Hatfield Plaza Fish and Chip co, Roman’s Pizza on Burnett Street, Hatfield News Cafe, Uncle Faouzzi’s and Mc Donalds on the corner of Festival and Burnett Streets, Barcelos Chicken on the Corner of Festival and Burnett Street, Spur Hatfield on the corner of Festival and Burnett Street, Cheeky Monkey on Hatfield Square, Aandklas on Hatfield Square, Herr Gunters and Oxfords old English pub on Hatfield Square, Oppisquare on Hatfield Square, Slug and Lettuice Bar on Hatfield Square, Cheeky Monkey Pizza on Hatfield Square.
What is available to Groups?
Dorm accommodation with Bunk beds in the rooms is ideal for sports teams and high school sports teams. Up to 60 guests can be accommodated at Khayalethu Hatfield Sports Accommodation.

Dorm Sizes are:
2 guests / 1 bunk bed.
4 guests / 2 bunk beds.
6 guests / 3 bunk beds.
8 guests / 4 bunk beds.
14 guests (male / female dorm) / 7 bunk beds.

There are plenty of private showers / bathroom facilities for larger groups. Benches are available to groups to relax at. T.V lounges for entertainment and watching movies. Telkom wi-fi internet is available (own Netbook / Notebook required to access the internet), library of books to read. Established garden setting with benches to relax in. Off-street parking available to guests. Rates include breakfast. Breakfast can be excluded by request.

There are various places that you can grab a quick bite to eat at in Hafield including Mimmos on Burnett Street, Sandwich Baron in the fields shopping centre, Subworx on Hatfield Square, KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Fields Shopping Centre, Stones Pool Club in the Hatfield Plaza, Livingstones restaurant and Pub on Burnett Street, close to the Corner of Burnett and Jan Shoba Street, Pappa’s Resturant at the Duncan Yard on the corner or Jan Shoba street and Prospect Street in Hatfield Kunk Fu Kitchen – Academia complex, Big Al’s in South on Duncan (Corner of South street and Jan Shoba Street). Bravo Pizzeria on Duncan and Jan Shoba Street and Fish and Chips in the Fields Shopping Centre on Duncan Street.
Other Accommodation Options ! Hatfield Group Accommodation Rates
Khayalethu Guest House is also in Hatfield, on Arcadia Street, an en-suite guest house option is also available for guests who prefer this option.

Khayalethu Group Accommodation is at : 1291 Arcadia Street Hatfield Pretoria. East of Jan Shoba Street (Previously Duncan Street) Click our Directions for more!
Shared dorm accommodation at R220 / person / night includes breakfast. (Dorm accommodation available to groups with a minimum of 4 guests sharing a dorm room)

Contact Scott or DJ for a tailor made sports accommodation quote excluding breakfast.

Khayalethu Group Accommodation offers the most competitive budget sports accommodation rates available in Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa within easy walking distance of the L.C de Villiers Sports Grounds and High Performance Centre (Hatfield HPC)

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Many Sporting Events take place in Hatfield
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